Business Litigation

Our business litigation practice consists of enforcing our clients' rights under contracts and licenses in court and arbitration and handling claims alleging antitrust violations, unfair business practices, and similar statutory actions. 

Examples of our work:

We represented an international wood products company targeted with a putative nationwide class action alleging unfair competition and product defects.  We filed a series of successful Motions to Dismiss, eliminating unfair competition and certain other claims, and narrowed the putative scope to a single state.  We then defeated Plaintiffs' Motion for Class Certification.  The remaining individual claim, thereby isolated, was settled on favorable terms and the suit dismissed.

We represented a prominent international manufacturer of capacitors along with its American subsidiary in industry-wide cartel antitrust class actions brought by both direct and indirect purchasers of capacitors.  We teamed with our co-counsel to defend the claims against our clients.  The matter is currently preparing for trial in Federal District Court.

Our partner represented a leading provider of customer engagement and loyalty products in an arbitration seeking $500 million in indemnification following a major regulatory issues involving the products at issue.  In an arbitration that was essentially a bet-the-company matter, the client prevailed on the claim in arbitration upon a finding by the arbitrator that the elements of a state law indemnification claim were not proven by the claimant.

We represented a well-known online advertising company, which was hit with an industry-wide privacy class action in Federal District Court.  After a thorough investigation, we vigorously defended the claims and developed facts to establish the absence of any wrongdoing by our client.  After Plaintiffs abandoned all damages claims, the case was favorably resolved at mediation.

Our partner represented a pharmaceutical manufacturer in connection with multiple Attorney General lawsuits in various states alleging that the manufacturer failed to adequately warn consumers of the harmful side effects of some of its products.  

We have represented multiple companies, executives and employees in disputes arising from their separation or termination from employment, including disputes and litigation related to employment agreements, restrictive employment terms, trade secret allegations, and other employee-mobility disputes.

We represented a leading business consulting firm in a commercial dispute relating to significant work it had performed for an international manufacturer.  After a thorough investigation, we filed suit in California Superior Court, seeking significant commercial damages.  We defeated arbitration, transfer, and dismissal effort and built an exceptionally strong case for trial.

We represented a successful business executive who suffered the impact of serious defamation by an investment company.  Based on our investigation and pre-suit work, we filed suit on our client's behalf in California Superior Court.  We developed documentary and testimonial evidence – including Defendants' own audiotapes – to support our client's claims and her damages.  Prior to trial, we resolved the action on the basis of a substantial payment to our client. 


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